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Freeform Optimum Pool

Freeform Optimum Pool

14'x23', 15'x28', 17'x30',19'x32'

Oval Optimum Pool

Oval Optimum Pool

16’x24’, 16’x28’, 16’x32’, 18’x30’, 18’x34’

Round Optimum Pool

Round Optimum Pool

16’, 18’, 21’, 24’, 27’, 30’

The All-Terrain Pool

The Optimum is a low-profile pool that can be installed above ground, inground, partially inground, and even into a slope.


Revolutionary engineering eliminates uprights and top rails, allowing a perfectly round pool with greater structural integrity.


R-10 insulation helps the pool to retain heat, keeping the pool warmer for longer. Swim earlier and later in the season!


Available in various round, oval and now, FREEFORM sizes, to fit almost any customer's backyard and budget

Pool Sizes

Coping Adaptor Kit

In-ground pools are supplied with a coping adaptor kit which allows CP2, Paver, deck and other coping systems to be attached to the Optimum pool.

Standard Coping

Standard coping (supplied with aboveground and semi-inground pool)

Premium Coping

Premium coping (supplied as an option with above ground and semi-inground pool)

So Many Options!

Round, oval, freeform! Inground, above ground, partially inground, into a slope! Steps, a deep end! The possibilities are endless!

Optimum is a Game-Changer

An inground pool at an above ground price. Optimum's 2" thick wall with insulating foam sandwiched between aircraft-grade aluminum offers durability and endurance.