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A new state-of-the-art residential pool.

Since its inception in 2015, the Optimum Pool has been defining a new standard in installation and versatility. This adaptable pool can be installed like a traditional above ground pool, semi in ground, and even into a slope or a hill. With round, oval, and free form models, that means up to nine different installation styles to choose from.

The Optimum Pool features 2-inch thick insulated foam walls, sandwiched between two sheets of high quality, 5052-gauge, aircraft-grade aluminum, which provides unmatched strength and durability. The R-10 insulation allows the pool to maintain a higher water temperature, which also saves pool owners money on heating costs. And of course, the Optimum Pool is protected by a lifetime warranty, even against winter damage!* Speaking of which, the Optimum Pool has been engineered to withstand weather extremes – from the bitter cold and snow of Canadian winters to the heat and blistering sun of the Arizona desert. The Optimum Pool comes with an upscale, contemporary wall pattern that will complement any backyard, which means you just install, fill, and swim. No finishing work is needed no matter which installation method is used. Now every backyard can be transformed into a country club-style retreat, quickly and easily.

Installation of the Optimum Pool is a breeze. Once the yard has been prepped, round models can be installed in just half a day. Talk about instant gratification!

*Failure to follow manufacturer’s guidelines when installing and maintaining the pool may void the warranty.