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Optimum Pool

A new state-of-the-art residential pool.

The Optimum Pool has been defining a new standard in installation and versatility since it's development in 2015. This adaptable pool can be installed like a traditional above ground pool, inground, semi-inground, or even into a slope or a hill. With round, oval, and free form models, there is an Optimum Pool perfect for completing any backyard.

Why Optimum is a Game Changer

With Optimum you can have it all! Options like steps, a deep end, inground, above ground, round, oval, freeform. Imagine all of Optimum’s endless options that can make your backyard dreams a reality.

Optimum Pool with concrete deck
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The Optimum Pool can be installed anywhere – above ground, partially inground, or even fully inground, even in places that a traditional pool can’t go.

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Manufactured with high quality components, the Optimum Pool is resistant to rust, corrosion, insects, and chemicals present in soil.

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The optimum pool comes in three different shapes with the option of stairs, pavers, decks, and more. There’s an Optimum Pool for any backyard.

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Optimum's Better Wall

Super durable, yet lightweight aluminum provides superior resistance to rust and corrosion, while maintaining strength and beauty over the years. And we back up our claims with one of the strongest warranties in the business - Lifetime Warranty Protection!

Optimum's Finishing Options

Installing a deck? Pavers? Steps? A deep end? Whatever your plans for your Optimum Pool, you'll discover plenty of beautiful, on-trend finishing options that will enhance your yard and your summers.

The endless options of the Optimum Pool mean that no matter what type of backyard you have – small, hilly, sloped, flat – you will find an installation style that will enhance your yard and your lifestyle.

A variety of sizes in round, oval and freeform shapes enable you to fully customize a pool that your family will enjoy for many years.

Endless options, endless fun!